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After navigating and surviving more than a decade of downward spiral, Roz A. Gee discovered that she was the irrefutable proof of her own story (experiences.) She’s on a mission to help others embrace the reality that they, too, are The Evidence. 

A native of southeastern (coastal) North Carolina, alumni of Fayetteville State University, and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Roz enjoys family, writing , traveling, innovating and enterprising.

As the owner of a media and branding firm, The Rated Gee Agency, LLC (www.RatedGee.com), Roz is a published author, speaker, media consultant and media contributor working with high-achieving business leaders, influencers and celebrities. Her work has been featured in Gospel Today, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, Sheen, ESSENCE, Ebony, American Express, INC. Magazine, The Huffington Post, FOX, ABC and more…

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Let’s Make A Deal: The Price To Shine!

An unwelcomed disruption that would rock my world, and reality as I knew it. The stakes were high, and everything was on the line—even my faith. 

“First, because it confirmed that something abnormal was really going on and secondly, it fed into a false fear that if I go to the hospital, I wasn’t coming back—I would die.”

Traumatic events come to cripple our purpose and derail our destinies. Amid the deepest occurrence of darkness, you will soon discover that it cannot exist with the presence of light. 

“Finally, I was beginning to see rays of light peeking through this dark abyss. It was an uphill battle…”

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